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Design & Style Consultation

Your home doesn’t have to be a Pinterest cover image. But it should be designed to help you live well. And be a space you love.

Is your style making the most of your home and helping you live your best life? Do you know that your home could be more something more… more functional, more stylish, more organized… but you just need a little help figuring out how to get there?

I'd love to help! 

Vintage Wallpaper Accent Wall_edited.jpg
Vintage Wallpaper Accent Wall_edited.jpg


I get it – there are so many decisions to make when you’re decorating, and it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just don’t know how to start, and sometimes you know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there or how it’s all going to come together. This is what I’m good at! 

This isn’t traditional interior design - I’m here to collaborate with you on your home style. My job is to be your sounding board and co-brainstormer, tease out what your design stumbling blocks are and how you can overcome them, and offer my expert advice based on your personal style and home needs. 


How I can help

How it Works

Fill out the GET STARTED form to tell me a little about yourself and what style issues you'd like to focus on when we talk. Sessions are $175 for a virtual 1:1 hour of brainstorming, plan making, color picking, or whatever else you'd like to talk about! I'll follow up via email with any links or inspiration boards that come from our discussion. We’ll schedule our 1 hour meeting and I’ll give you some simple homework to prepare, based on what you’ve shared. This might be taking some measurements or sending some photos. We can a lot done in an hour! But if you have bigger projects or need some follow-up, you can request more hours after our initial meeting. Are you local? I'm more than happy to schedule our meeting at your home if you live in the Williamsburg, VA area. And I'm willing to travel to Richmond or surrounding Hampton Roads areas for an additional travel fee.

Here are just a few of the ways I could help in a consultation. This is just a sampling of what we could do together, so even if you have something not listed here, fill out the GET STARTED form and let's talk! 

  • Choosing Paint color or wall finishes 

  • Fixtures or hardware ideas

  • Furniture layout

  • Window Treatments

  • Flooring or rugs

  • Art, displays, decor 

  • Rethinking a space and its use

  • Defining your overall style

  • Finding efficient use of space or storage

  • Something else? Just ask! 

Live Beautifully

Live Better

Good design ensures that the space is utilized efficiently and effectively, catering to your everyday routines and activities. From small changes to big changes, you can positively alter your daily life through changing how your space functions. Your home should be designed for you and your family’s life. Not just for Pinterest.

Just don’t tell the Pinterest algorithm gods I said that.

Feel Better

A person’s surroundings greatly influences their way of thinking and overall mental health. Colors, light quality, texture, and flow can alter your mood and thus your productivity, and how you interact with the world. If there’s something off in your space, you will feel it, even if you can’t quite put your finger on the problem. I can help you identify and illuminate what’s causing your space to feel out of step with you and your life.

Let's Get Started!

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